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Why am I only seeing the events that I registered for?

When an event organizer sets up an event in the NetworkKing system it is private by default.  Meaning only those who have registered for the event will have the ability to see the guest list on their mobile devices.

How do I get NetworkKing at my next event?

Please email NetworkKing at and let us know the name and date of the event and the event organizer contact information, if available, so that we can reach out to set up the event on NetworkKing.

How will other attendees see my messages if they are not on the app?

Short answer, they won’t until they login to the app.  However, all messages sent are saved and when the attendee does login they will see all previous messages sent.

How do I know if other attendees are on the NetworkKing app?

A good sign that the attendee is on the app is if their account is not listed as “Inactive” and they have a green check mark next to their name indicated that they are in fact attending.

Do the attendees that I add to my contacts sync with my local contact management software like Outlook?

No.  Because we did not want to clutter your contact listings we have decided to store all NetworkKing contacts in the app.  We plan to offer an adding feature with our next version to give you the ability to sync the selected contacts locally.

If I am an event organizer how many events can I set up with the SaaS subscription model?

The monthly fee for our SaaS subscription model is set based on $.99 per registrant per event.  Once an account is created with that price point you will have the ability to set up your Event Coordinator Account and set up as many events as you desire.

Is the NetworkKing app free?

Yes.  There is no cost to download the NetworkKing app.  There is a charge, starting at $.99 per registrant per event to see the guest list.  This will be paid either by the conference organizer, a sponsor or the attendees themselves.  You will see an in-app purchase button for all events set up where event organizers have decided to pass on the cost to attendees.

How do I download the NetworkKing app?

When an event organizer registers you for an event you will get an email from NetworkKing that includes a Personalized URL (PURL).  By clicking on this link from your mobile device you will be able to set your password and access the app by following the on screen instructions.  If you do not receive the NetworkKing email with your PURL you can download the app from iTunes or Google Play stores but you will need to follow the forgot password link since we already created a profile for you when the event organizer set up the event.

What do I do if I did not receive an email from NetworkKing?

The best way to get your PURL in this situation is to text “King” space “YourEmail” to 39187.  This will send you a text message back with your PURL and you will be able to follow that link to set your password and download the app.

How do I create an Event Coordinator Account?

Go to our website,, and click on the Request Event Coordinator Account.  This will open a form that must be completed and submitted to NetworkKing.  Once approved you NetworkKing you will be able to login through our website and create your events.

How long does it take to set up the NetworkKing app for my event?

Setting up the NetworkKing app for your event literally takes minutes.  Once your Event Coordinator Account is approved you will login, click Create New Event, fill out our event form and upload your pre-registration list with our CSV template and you are all set.  Yes, it’s that easy!  All of the pre-registrants on the list will receive an automated email with instructions on how to download the app and login.