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NetworkKing is a free event mobile app that allows attendees to instantly find and connect with each other at events. Whether you’re the event organizer or an attendee, NetworkKing is designed to simplify and improve your experience before, during and after an event!

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Why use us for your event?

Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Sponsors

NetworkKing is free for your event. For a small fee, you can sell sponsorship space for your event, offering maximum effectiveness and visibility for your event sponsors. NetworkKing connects your attendees with other attendees, attendees with sponsors, and revenue with your bank account.

Take Your Event Mobile For Free

NetworkKing gives you a mobile app for your event completely free, keeping your costs low but maximizing the impact of your events!

Maximum Privacy & Maximum Visibility

Give your attendees the control over what contact information they want to share with other attendees.  NetworkKing will display Company Name, Title, and Attendee Name only; Giving your attendees the ability to see who is registered, who is attending and the contact info, like email and phone number, for those who choose to share.

Take Your Event to the Next Level

Let’s face it, event attendees have a ton of options as to where they will spend their time and money.  More times than not, they will attend events where they connect and find like-minded professional who share their passion.  Give your attendees the ability to do this an efficient manor and you find the same professionals signing up for your event year after year.

Increase Value and Membership

Attendees go to events to learn, have fun and network.  They joined your association to expand their networks and grow their businesses.  You can increase the value of their memberships by giving them the event attendee lists on a mobile platform and helping them network more effectively.

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Event Revenue

If you’re an event coordinator then our new eBook is a must read! The eBook walks you through monetizing your event, maximizing revenue white creating the best possible experience for your attendees!